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Advanced Radio Telemetry
· spol. s r. o. · Brno · CZ · EU ·
· alias A. R. T. Brno ·
adresa Francouzská 82
602 00 Brno
Czech Republic
poloha 49° 12' 7,9'' N
16° 37' 27,6'' E
telefon +420 545 211 403
e-mail art*@*artbrno*.*cz
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Společnost Advanced Radio Telemetry nabízí kompletní nabídku výrobků společnosti Nedap Identification Systems.

uPASS products - UHF RFID to identify vehicles and persons

uPass Reach

uPASS Reach

Long range UHF RFID vehicle access reader(4m) /PDF/

uPass Access

uPASS Access

UHF RFID reader for hands-free building and door access(2m) /PDF/
UHF Windshield Tag UHF Windshield Tag

Passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 4 meters /PDF/

UHF Combi Card_small
UHF Combi Card

UHF ISO Combi Card is a card featured with long range UHF tag and proximity or smartcard technology /PDF/

UHF Heavy Duty Tag_small
UHF Heavy Duty Tag

The UHF Heavy Duty tag is a passive UHF transponder offering long range identification up to 5 meters /PDF/

UHF Dual!D Card Holder_small
UHF Dual!D Card Holder

The UHF Dual!D Card Holder can be mounted on the windshield. The card holder identifies the vehicle. /PDF/



SENSIT products - wireless parking bay occupancy detection technology
Sensit IR Wireless vehicle detection sensor /PDF/
Sensit Flush Mount Wireless vehicle detection sensors efficiently measure parking occupancy - flush mount installation /PDF/
Sensit Surface Mount Wireless vehicle detection sensors efficiently measure parking occupancy - installed in the mounting ring, infrared and earth magnetic field /PDF/
Relay Node Wireless communication unit for faster communication between the Sensit network and the Data Collector /PDF/
Data Collector Central communication unit that collects raw data from the individual SENSIT Nodes via wireless communication. It is the interface between the Nodes and the host system /PDF/
Data Collector IP65 GPRS Interface between the vehicle detection sensors, the Relay Node and the SENSIT software /PDF/
Sensit Interface Software SW allows easy system integration into an enforcement, traffic guidance or parking utilization management application /PDF/
Sensit Parking License App Tool to enable identification of vehicles. This solution monitors the legitimate use of parking bays digitally /PDF/
UHF Dual!D Card Holder LED display enables signage of free parking spaces for stand-alone parking guidance installations /PDF/



ANPR products - license plate recognition (OCR) technology to identify vehicles.
ANPR Access License plate reader with Wiegand communication /PDF/
ANPR Access HD License plate HD reader with Wiegand communication, including HD camera, RS485 and Ethernet communication interfaces /PDF/
WIM WIM is a module allowing easy conversion of ANPR Access, the license plate reader for vehicle access control, to a required wiegand format /PDF/